Customer Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative’s Online Farmers’ Market!

By shopping our Online Farmers’ Market, you acknowledge understanding that Onchenda is “matchmaker” between local food producers and local consumers. We only provide a place for you to get to know your local food producers (hereafter Vendors) and conduct informed transactions. We do not curate, inspect, or otherwise qualify the Vendors or their products. We do, however, require Vendors to complete their profiles on our platform so that you can get to know them, the methods they use and don’t use, and see what certifications they may have, if any. It is therefore up to you, dear Customer, to conduct your due diligence on getting to know and trust the Vendors from whom you are contemplating a purchase. We believe that’s far superior to placing your trust in labels or brand names. See the “Vendor” links at the left  hand panel of each page. We do not accept liability for any products sold on this platform. That’s between you and the Vendors with whom you do business, and each has their own refund, exchange, return, order cancellation policies. Rather, we think it better that the local community take the responsibility to police its food producers, and to praise them when appropriate. For this purpose, we have provided a feature for you to write reviews on the Vendors on this platform, and rate them through star-ratings 1 – 5, and encourage you to do so. We will remove any Vendor who consistently receives bad reviews and/or low start-ratings from consumers who have bought their products. Thank you for your participation. Caveat Emptor!

Delivery Fee – Why $5.00?

1. We don’t want to try and fool you. We believe in transparency.

Conventional “Free Delivery” Cost Recovery

Our Transparent Delivery Cost Recovery

  • Amazon Prime – Charges a Membership Fee
  • No Membership Fee
  • Amazon Prime – Adds delivery cost to retail price markup
  • Actual delivery cost stated as line item
  • CSAs – Commit to a 3 to 4-month fixed price “program” of a few hundred dollars
  • No commitment required
  • Click & Pick/ClickList – You pick up from store, $4.50
  • We deliver to you, $5.00

2. You spend more for the “free delivery” marketing gimmick.

3. Our delivery fee provides you greater value.


Physical Farmers’ Markets

Onchenda’s Online Farmers’ Market

  • Time, fuel, wear & tear to and from farmers market
  • No vehicle expense required
  • Parking fees, tickets & door dings
  • No parking fees or risk of tickets or door dings
  • Time physically walking around hunting the right vendors
  • All online vendors at your fingertips
  • Limited opportunity for product safety, security, and healthfulness research & verification
  • All product safety, security, healthfulness factors & customer reviews at your fingertips
  • Limited opportunity for product comparison with other vendors
  • Related items from other vendors displayed with each product
  • Time spent having to separately pay multiple vendors with no receipt
  • All purchased items added to shopping cart for one-payment checkout with emailed invoice
  • Lugging multiple items around as you shop
  • No lugging things around, shopping is virtual!
  • Products get hot in your trunk without proper containers
  • Products delivered heat-resistant containers

4. Onchenda reduces or eliminates the time, labor, fuel, risks, and lack product comparisons & information.


Onchenda’s $5.00 delivery fee provides greater value than other alternatives.