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Onchenda Vendor


  • Products for Sale Posting - allows each Vendor to post on the Site for public display offers to sell products to customers on the Site.
  • Products Management - allows each Vendor to display and edit descriptions, SKU numbers, prices, sale items, coupons, specifications and images of their products.
  • Company Profile - allows each Vendor to display and edit basic information about their business, such as year established, number of employees, products offered, methods of production, etc.
  • Marketing – Onchenda will conduct digital and other marketing campaigns periodically to drive customers to the Site.
  • Orders Notifications – Onchenda will notify Vendor of all customer orders with full particulars in writing as well as maintain an online record of such orders for Vendors access.
  • Payment Processing – Onchenda will handle online payments from customers for Vendor products and transfer Vendor’s proceeds to Vendor’s specified account the following day after delivery confirmation.
  • Delivery Services – Onchenda will have Vendor’s customer orders picked up from Vendor’s designated pick-up location and delivered to Vendor’s customers within 24 – 48 hours of order placement at the cost of the customer, added to each order.
  • Inventory Management – Vendor may allow our inventory management system to display number of each product in stock, show products out of stock, allow or not allow back orders, and warn Vendor when stocks are low.
  • Sales Reports – Onchenda will provide online displays of Vendor’s sales statistics for review and download by Vendor.
  • Sales Tax – Onchenda will add the appropriate Sales Tax, if any, on Vendor products sold, pass any sales tax collected on to Vendor, and maintain online records to facilitate sales tax payment by Vendor.
  • Customer Feedback – Onchenda will enable customers to post reviews and star-ratings of Vendors products for Vendor’s quality assurance purposes, as well as enable customers to add Vendor’s products that may be out of stock or not yet produced to customer wish lists
  • Onchenda Compensation – Onchenda shall cover the cost of the above services to Vendor by retaining 20% of the food total (exclusive of Discounts, Sales Tax and Delivery Fee) of each online transaction with Vendor. Vendor pays nothing.
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