Northern Dawn Dairy & Bakery

Northern Dawn Dairy & Bakery
Northern Dawn Dairy & Bakery

Northern Dawn Dairy & Bakery

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Raw Goat Milk Dairy

Here at Northern Dawn Dairy & Bakery, we are very careful to use only the highest quality locally grown alfalfa and grass hay, soon to add fodder. We do not use GMO feeds. On the milk stand, we use only enough barley, oats and black oil sunflower seeds to keep the ladies standing and being good girls. We raise, and provide our dairy products from, Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian and Nubian does. We bring to you carefully cooled raw milk; cooled in an ice water bath and then freezer for quick chilling that is cooled in half the time of state standards. We are super careful about following food safety & cleanliness standards in our kitchens and of our does udders. The containers are disinfected daily. Currently we sell our milk through the Herd Share program because it gives us greater flexibility to provide those raw milk products you love and which provide the natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria necessary for a healthy immune system and ‘healthy gut’.

Because we are selling milk on the herd share program, we have to ask that you fill out the small contract before purchasing our dairy products. This is required by Utah State law.

What our customers are saying…

“Love the creamy good tasting milk.”

“Our babies grow and thrive on your milk.”

From Scratch Natural Baking

I am Peggy and have been a commercial ‘from scratch’ baker for 17 years with a grocery store bakery. My mother learned the art of baking from her mother who owned a restaurant in Idaho and then I learned from my mother and from my former supervisor. My former supervisor learned the art of scratch baking from one of the older bakeries that was located in Payson, Utah. Accordingly, we will also be adding gluten free baked products and gluten baked products. These two types of baked goods will be in separate kitchens to prevent cross contamination.

Its the Law….

By Utah state law, we are currently only allowed to sell our dairy and baked goods within Utah.

Our Credentials

  • Utah Food Handler’s Permit
  • From Scratch baking commercially for over 17 years
  • Working with state health inspectors directly for about 25 years in 3 different states

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